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The Death of Albine, 1898 - John Maler Collier

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This is my favourite photo from my trip up to Fort William, Scotland. I love the depth and strong convergent lines it has. I tried to do a series of creepy not functioning ski range photos while it was summer and cloudy but this is the only one than came out how I truly wanted. 

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Jordi Huisman - Rear Window (2010)

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How the gravity of nature and the silence startle you, when you stand face to face with her, undistracted, before a barren ridge or in the desolation of ancient hills

 guy sargent

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Can’t say my mom was too happy with my senior pictures…

Role model 

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Medicine Bow National Forest / 2013

Miss having this as a backyard.

this, is, a , real, place

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